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Making Laundry Duties a Lot Less Intimidating

Making Laundry Duties a Lot Less Intimidating image

Tackling your laundry duties like an expert no longer has to intimidate you or fill you with dread. If you change your mindset, you may be able to become a laundry wizard. The key is to adopt a handful of personality characteristics. You have to be: Resourceful Focused Detail-oriented These tips for making laundry less […]

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Why you should use fabric softener

According to studies, fabric softener sales have been steadily declining over the last decade. Although researchers point to many reasons for this downturn, one of the main explanations is that younger generations simply do not know what fabric softener is (or how to use it). Whether you are unsure what fabric softener is or are […]

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How to do laundry without damaging your clothes

How to do laundry without damaging your clothing

We’ve all experienced that terrible moment when you realize you’ve just ruined your favorite piece of clothing while doing laundry. Whether you used the wrong wash cycle, selected the incorrect water temperature, or left your clothes in the dryer too long, most laundry mishaps are avoidable with a little bit of planning and research! In […]

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Should you wash laundry with hot water?

As laundry professionals, one of the questions that we hear the most frequently is, “Should you wash laundry with hot water?” This may seem like a straightforward question, however, the answer varies depending on several key factors. In this post, we discuss the pros and cons of washing your laundry with hot water and explain […]

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Selecting the right washing machine settings

How many times has an item been put into the washer only to have it come out looking way different than it did going in? A stretched out sweater, shrunken jeans, faded colors, etc. What happened!? Everything was supposed to come out clean and looking new! Choosing the right washing machine settings could affect the […]

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Five ways to optimize laundry day with pre-wash laundry detergent

We all want to make laundry day easier and more efficient. We don’t want to feel like we spent all day doing laundry. To help you out, we would like to give you five tips on how to optimize your laundry day by using pre-wash laundry detergent. 1. Pretreat Your Stains Pretreating stains is vital […]

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How to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

If you are like most people, you love new clothes. They fit well, the colors are bright, and they make you feel good! You proudly wear them with their newness bringing you great joy and then you give them their first wash. You hurry to the dryer and they come out looking like something that […]

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How Much Detergent Should I Be Using?

When we step into a laundromat for the first time, we are all a little uncertain about how to use the washers.  There are so many different brands, sizes, and styles. We don’t know which slot the detergent goes into, or the softener, or the bleach.  We have to take a few extra minutes to […]

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The Best Way to Wash Clothes to Get them Clean!

I don’t know about you, but I always struggle with getting my clothes as clean and fresh smelling as I like.  The whites seem to look dingy after the first few washes and the pretty, colored clothes lose their sharp colors after the first wash, or so it seems, so I decided to put together […]

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5 Tips for Drying Clothes Faster

I can never seem to find enough time in the day to get everything done and laundry is one of those things! I am not sure which part of doing laundry is the worst. Reaching my hands into my little boys’ pockets to see what treasures they have stored in there to surprise me, folding […]

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