The Dutchman's Laundry


Coronavirus Announcement

Keeping our laundromats clean and sanitized has always been one of our highest priorities; however, during this time of heightened concern, we want to inform our customers of the specific steps we are taking to ensure their health and safety. Between the business hours of 8am-6pm, in addition to our regular cleaning, our attendants will […]

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Got kids? Our laundromat has a play area just for you!

The Dutchman’s Laundry understands that doing laundry can be a chore for most people and that when kids are added to the mix it can be even more challenging. With our laundromat play area, we are prepared to help!  We have set aside a section of our laundromat as a play area just for your […]

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Four reasons to use a laundromat when you own a washer and dryer

You are probably thinking, “I have my own washer and dryer at home, why would I use a laundromat?” However, you may be surprised at the many reasons to use a laundromat–even if you already have a washer and dryer in your home. Read on to learn our top four reasons to stop by your […]

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What is a Laundry Drop-Off Service and is it really for me?

  The Dutchman’s Laundry is now proud to offer a laundry drop-off service as a convenience for our customers. What does a laundry drop-off service include? All you need to do is drop off your dirty laundry with the attendant and then return to pick it up after it has been washed, dried, and neatly […]

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