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Drop Off Laundry Service

Our new wash and fold service, also known as a drop off laundry service, allows you to put time back into your week by handing off your laundry to our team of laundry professionals!

What are Drop Off Wash and Fold Services?

This service is an easy way to save time and money by delegating one of the most repetitive and tedious tasks around the house — laundry! To use our new drop off service, you simply bring us your laundry and let us take care of the everything else.

Benefits of a Wash and Fold Service

There are many benefits of using our wash and fold service. Some of these incredible advantages include:

1. Convenient

One of the best things about using our wash and fold service is that it is easy and convenient! Instead of spending your weekends and evenings waiting on loads of laundry at the laundromat or locked away in your laundry room, all you have to do is drop off your dirty laundry and let our team of pros do the rest!

2. Affordable

Our laundry drop off service is also extremely affordable, starting at only $1.25 per pound!

2. Saves Time

In addition to making life easier, our wash fold services will also save you some major time. This means you can spend your days off doing what you love most — be it taking a long walk with your dog, enjoying time with your family, or just lounging on the couch with your favorite TV show. They say time is money, which brings us to our next point . . . .

3. Saves Money

You may be surprised to learn that using a wash and fold service can actually save you money! This is because by using our cost-effective laundry drop off service you no longer have to spend money on detergent, fabric softener, machine maintenance (if you have your own), or paying to use a washer/dryer at a laundromat.

How does our drop off wash and fold laundry service work?

The beauty of our laundry drop off service is that it is incredibly easy to use. You only need to follow these four simple steps, and — voila — you will have fresh, folded laundry waiting for you without lifting a finger.

  1. Come into our store during drop-off hours (hours below).
  2. Leave your laundry with our laundry attendant.
  3. Print this coupon OR show it on your phone to get the promotion applied.
  4. Pick up your clean laundry once you’re notified that it’s ready!

Wash and fold service Pricing

As previously mentioned, our drop off laundry service is incredibly affordable, ringing in at only $1.25 per pound of dirty laundry! Curious what this $1.25/pound covers?

For each dollar per pound:

Ready to try our new wash and fold drop off service for yourself?

Add time back to our week by having our laundry professionals wash, dry, and fold your laundry for you. Contact us today to learn more about how this amazing service can improve your life!