The Dutchman's Laundry

Try our new loyalty card today!

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Our new loyalty card will save you time AND money!

Tired of the hassle that coin-operated laundry machines add to laundry day?

We hear you!

At The Dutchman’s Laundry, we want your experience to be as easy and relaxing as possible! That’s why we now offer a convenient loyalty card program through FasCard.

This innovative system takes the headache out of laundry day by saving our valuable customers both time and money — something we could all use more of.

How does FasCard card work?

1. Allows you to use your preferred payment method

This coinless laundry system allows customers like you to seamlessly pay for your laundry with your preferred payment method — cash, credit, or debit! This means no more worrying about converting your money to quarters on laundry day.

2. Gives you the chance to earn rewards

Another benefit of our new FasCard system is that it allows our loyal customers to earn rewards every time you do laundry. Yup! You heard us right. Every time you do laundry using your rewards card, you will earn points towards discounts and other money-saving promotions at The Dutchman’s Laundry.

3. Lets you manage laundry day from your phone

In addition to a card, FasCard also has a convenient app that allows our customers to manage laundry day directly from your phone! Whether this means checking washer and dryer availability before you come in, tracking your rewards, or managing your payment methods, this easy-to-use app makes laundry day that much easier. Oh, and did we mention you can start our machines using the app?

4. Includes multi-vend support

Another feature that we love about our new rewards card is that it includes an original multi-vend support system that only requires customers to pay once for multiple loads of laundry.

So what are you waiting for? Make laundry day something to look forward to by signing up for our new rewards card today! Ready to get started? All it takes is a few easy steps to register online!