At the end of the day, have you ever wondered where all of your time went and why there is still so much to do? I often have. The list of jobs to do around the house never seems to get any shorter. Every time I cross one thing off, another thing makes its way onto the list. One job that I can’t ever seem to be able to cross off my list is laundry.

Think about it. As you are standing there folding laundry, the clothes you are wearing are getting dirty!  It is a continuous cycle! Well, while I can’t make the unending task of laundry go away, I can help make it go a bit faster!

Tips for drying clothes more efficiently

Since we can’t necessarily speed up the time it takes to wash our clothes, we can adjust the time it takes to dry our clothes!

Sort out the fast drying fabrics from the slow drying ones. 

T-shirts and undergarments dry so much faster than denim or thick bath towels. You might think that you are saving time and money by chucking everything in one big dryer, but it really isn’t going to help.  Pick two smaller dryers and separate the types of clothes. While the heavier clothes are still drying, you can start folding the lighter weight items!  Win-win!  Now you will be able to get home even earlier!

Use the right sized dryer!!!

I can’t stress this one enough! When all of the clothes are stuffed into a small dryer, it is going to take a lot of extra time and money to get everything dried. Air should be able to circulate around the clothes and the clothes should be able to tumble around to help them dry faster. Using one of our medium or large-sized dryers for large loads or thick comforters will save you so much time and money.

Have an efficient washer that can spin out the water well.

This one point alone will help save the most time on drying. We are proud to provide efficient washers for our customers. When we opened The Dutchman’s Laundry many of our customers commented on how “dry” the clothes already were when they got them out of our washers.  Then, they were really amazed when they didn’t have to spend as much money or time on drying the clothes because so much water was spun out of the clothes!

Clean the dryer vent!

Well, okay, this is our job at the laundromat, but how we take care of our equipment can make a big difference for our customers. Did you know that we clean our dryer vents every day? We want our equipment to work well and to be at its peak performance for our customers. So many customers have appreciated our efficient dryers that actually get hot and save them valuable time and money.

Use tennis balls or dryer balls to speed up drying time.

These handy little things help keep the laundry happily tumbling away in the dryer without forming one, big, tangled bunch of clothes. Come on, you know what I am talking about… the large ball of sheets you pull out of the dryer that is tangled together and still damp in the middle! Yup, I’ve been there, too!  As an extra service for our customers, we have some tennis balls in the office.  If you are doing laundry while the attendant is on duty, simply ask to borrow the balls. Dryer balls help move the clothes around to prevent damp spots, untangle clothes, plump up comforters, and help to prevent wrinkles; which leads me on to my next few tips… how to reduce those wrinkles. If we struggle to get the laundry done and folded, then we really don’t have time for dealing with wrinkled clothes… meaning ironing. Use these tips to help you avoid that extra task.

Shake out your wet clothes

Before you ever even put your clothes in the dryer, shake them out individually, in particular, jeans, shirts, or other large items. This will help your clothes not only dry faster but with fewer wrinkles! Whatever you do, do not put a big tangled ball of wet laundry into the dryer! That would be asking to add ironing to your list of jobs!

Use fabric softener.

Not only do your clothes come out smelling nice, but they are softer and have fewer wrinkles.

Promptly fold or hang up your laundry when the dryer finishes.

This one is so easy but is quickly forgotten. Wrinkles in t-shirts and jeans can easily be prevented by this one tip.  We provide convenient folding tables to help you get the job done easier and faster than it would be to at home… on the bed or the sofa.

Flatten your clothes

When you fold your clothes, take the little bit of extra time to tuck in pockets, fold-down collars, and uncurl the sleeves, especially for dress shirts and pants. This little bit of extra care can help ensure that clothes are put away neatly and can help you avoid the task of having to iron dress clothes.

What if it is too late and your clothes have been sitting in the dryer solidifying their wrinkles? Simply place a damp washcloth in the dryer with the clothes and run a short cycle to help unset some of the wrinkles.  This method might not save dress shirts but can easily help with t-shirts and other items.

Well, did you learn some new tricks of the laundry trade?  We hope this will help you reduce the time you spend doing laundry so you can spend more time with your family and be doing what you really enjoy!




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