Have you ever wished for a break from laundry? Like maybe just a day or two? I have! A week off from laundry duty is almost the equivalent of a trip to the spa, in my mind.                                                                                 Can a Wash, Dry & Fold Service Save You Money?

Imagine, not one piece of dirty laundry in the hampers, no laundry sitting in the dryer getting wrinkled, no laundry dumped on the sofa waiting to be folded, no piles of sorted laundry lying on your bedroom floor, no pleading with the kids or spouse to please help fold the laundry, and no complaints about why a certain favorite shirt has not been washed yet.

Imagine! The freedom!  The time! No laundry!

That break from laundry? That elusive dream? How can it become YOUR reality? I’m glad you asked! It can be found through The Dutchman’s Laundry’s wash, dry, and fold service! We know people need a break from laundry at different times in their lives and that some folks just do not have time to do their own laundry.  We are happy to serve our customers with a convenient drop off laundry service. All you need to do is bring in your dirty laundry and within a few hours, your laundry will be fresh, clean, and folded for you and ready for pick up! How fast and easy is that?

Now, you might be asking yourself how a wash dry fold service saves money? Well, first of all, you should ask yourself how valuable your time is. Some folks feel that their time would be better spent on developing their career or spending their precious few free hours with their family, rather than doing tasks that can be easily outsourced, such as mowing the grass, house cleaning, or laundry. Most folks get bogged down by having to take the time to sort laundry, make a special trip to the laundromat, wait on the machines, and then fold all of the laundry. The drop off service can be used during any trip in town with minimal time and planning on your part.

If you were to add up the cost of a single load washer, plus the cost of an average dryer cycle, plus the cost of the laundry Can a Wash, Dry & Fold Service Save You Money?
detergent and fabric softener it would only cost about $5 less than if you had used our drop off service; however, when you look at the time savings, $5 is a bargain!  If you did your laundry yourself, you would have to wait on each machine to finish and then you would still have to take the time to fold all of your laundry. If you were to drop off a single load rather than do it yourself, it would save you an average of 1.5-2 hours plus a special trip driving to the laundromat!   Using the drop off service would save you the gas money and driving time to make a special trip for laundry day, it would save you the time spent waiting on each machine, and the time and energy spent folding your laundry.

What do you think? Would it be worth it to you to drop off your laundry some morning on the way to work and to pick it up on the way home, rather than coming in on Saturday to spend several hours doing laundry?  In my mind, it sounds like a good way to simplify my life and to free up some more of my time to do other things.

Are you busy with classes, work, or children, and want to invest quality time into what is important to you? Then don’t hesitate to add our laundry service to your weekly routine.  It will be one of the simplest benefits that you add to your life. A wash dry fold service saves money, and time. It is money well spent and time well saved.

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